A game of flashing [adult female] and [college male] 112402021247

Hello. I’m a 41-year-old mother and my youngest child is 11-years-old. The school this child attends is only 3 blocks from our house. And that’s where I met a college boy that I’ve been flirting with “incognito.”

It all began at the beginning of this school year. I always drop-off my child in front of the classroom and use the opportunity to communicate with the teacher and the other parents. This year, however, a college boy has been showing up to shake up the environment. He has a sibling in my child’s class and drop-offs his sibling during most mornings. He always wears a t-shirt with his college’s logo, sweatpants and flip-flops. And since the first day, I always take a minute to stare at his large bulge. I’m not exaggerating when I say he must have a 12-incher. His sweatpants can’t hide his penis and I’m not the only parent who checks him out. Even the teacher glances down at him from time-to-time.

Then, after a month, I couldn’t help but start flirting with him. It was not hardcore. It was just some light flirting in the morning. It was very “innocent” until one day he shows up without underwear. Since he wears sweatpants, you could tell he was going commando because of the outline of his penis. My heart beat very aggressively as soon as I saw it and I giggled in front of everyone. I totally embarrassed myself that day. And for many days afterwards, I couldn’t get his penis off my mind. Sometimes at work I would laugh to myself just thinking about it. So then very recently, for reasons I can’t defend, I decided to wear a wifebeater with no bra and a jacket over it to cover myself. And when we had a moment to ourselves, I “casually” unzipped my jacket and started talking to him as if everything was normal. Almost immediately, he looked at my visible areolas and nipples and started to get nervous. I looked at his crotch and his bulge started to move. He didn’t get an actual full blown erection, but he probably would have if we were in a different environment. At that moment, I knew it was time to zip up and leave. I didn’t want to make a scene and I don’t think he wanted to either. And that, my friends, was my “game of flashing” with a college boy. If there are any updates, I’ll let you know.

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An electrical fault. 112354780405

I am an electrician working for a fairly large firm and was called out to a terraced house in a northern town.

Perhaps I ought to mention that I had just got married to my lovely wife the previous week-end, but because of work commitments, we had agreed to delay our honeymoon. We had been courtingor about 3 years and I absolutely adore her.

Anyway when I got to the house with the fault, the door was opened by a woman in her 40s, who told me that she had a double socket that she was sure she had been getting the occasional electric shock from, and wanted someone to check it out. I had noticed that she was wearing a very short skirt, normally associated with someone much younger, and a thin pale coloured top that seemed to reveal that she was braless.

This did not perturb me or excite me in the least, as I only had eyes for my wife. My work colleagues had all boasted of spurious callouts by attactive frustrated females, and whilst I was aware that this was a possibility, I had promised my wife that if this ever happened, I would never take advantage of such an opportunity.

The woman then took me upstairs and showed me the socket in question, which happened to be in her bedroom.

I proceeded to get my tester out and knelt down to do an ititial safety check although there appeared to be nothing wrong with the socket in question.

She had been chatting generally about something and nothing, and was standing by my side when I noticed she pushed her bare leg towards me. I was a little wary at what she must be up to when she then bent her knee, wafting bare thigh in front of me.

I immediately told her there was nothing wrong with the socket, and that I was leaving. She told me that if I did, then she would report me for making what she claimed was an indecent proposal. I stood up to leave, but she made a grab at my groin and said that she was going to shag me.

I explained that I hadn’t even been married a week, and she said,”all the better, I can teach you how tom please your new young lady”. She then forced her mouth on mine, at the same time ripping open my trousers; she was very strong, and almost demented as she managed to pull them right down together with my underpants. The next thing was she had my shirt over my head and soon had me totally naked.

I pleaded again for her to let me go, but she then stripped naked herself and threw me to the floor with and proceeded to force her vagina in my face as she ordered me to lick her clean. She then forced her mouth round my still flaccid cock, and against my control she managed to get it stiff.

She promptly then lowerwed her vagina on to it and to my horror it slipped deep inside because she was so wet. I had then passed the point of no return, as I involuntarily erupted, filling her with a huge load ofhot cream which should have been reserved for my darling young wife.

I am now feeling so guilty about what she forced me to do. Should I confess all?

To make matters worse, she has told me if she receives another electric shock she will call my firm back and ask for me personally.

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Email from my girlfriend this morning [M/F] 112325352779

Well then for now, I’m just going to fantasize about your driving over to my currently empty house. We meet out in the pouring rain. You’re excited to see me, and I you. Your hand cradles my face tenderly as you go in for a kiss. Your hand ever so slowly runs down my neck, to my breast, then finally my butt, where it lingers. You grab me by the butt and pull me tight. Our bodies pressed together. I gasp as you kiss me more passionately. You are an excellent kisser. We lock jaws and my knees buckle. Something about your tongue in my mouth drives me crazy. I love the way you taste. Soaking wet, you take me inside. We barely make it up the stairs before you start to peel off my wet shirt as you kiss my lips. I stare at you for a second and I bite my lip. It’s clear that I want you. You have a smile on your face. We end up on the floor, you on top, kissing me intensely as your desire consumes you. Our bodies begin to move together rhythmically and in sync. I remove your shirt, followed by your pants. You tear off my pants in a primal display. We are both now in our underwear. You begin to slowly, and deliberately rub your pelvis up and down mine. As you’re humping me, I can feel your hard penis pressed against my vagina through our underwear. I wrap my leg around you so we can both feel more pleasure. It feels so good I moan. You bite my ear. My hands begin dig into your back. You know it’s time but you keep teasing me a little longer. You want to drive me crazy. It’s working. You begin to pull down my bra strap, exposing my breast. My body is glistening from the rain and sweat. I begin to pant as you put your lips to my nipple. God how I love my breast in your mouth. Your pelvis still rubbing against mine, never losing your rhythm. I run my hand down your spine. You take my hands and pin them above my head. I love being controlled. I whisper in your ear “I want you.” You bite my neck. I start writhing in pleasure. You let free one of my hands and I slide it down your chest to your pelvis where I begin to rub you and work your penis. You let out a moan. This gets me more wet. I want you so bad it hurts. I take your penis out of your underwear and continue stroking. The whole time you continue switching between kissing my neck and sucking on my nipple. As I’m stroking you, I notice your precum and want a taste. Hands still pinned, you decide to bring your penis to me. I lick the tip and smile. I like the taste. I put my mouth on your penis and begin to suck and run my tongue up and down. I love your cock in my mouth. I love to please you. You bring the attention of your penis back to my pelvis and smile. You take your hand and move my panties to the side as you decide it’s time to finally take me. You slip your penis inside. It’s thick and fills me completely and I begin to moan with intense pleasure. My vagina is tight and warm, and so pleasantly wet. You smile and kiss me. Back and forth your penis goes. Back and forth, back and forth. Harder. Harder. Faster. Stronger. It becomes too much for me and I let out a cry. You love to make me scream. You pull your penis out and rub it from my vagina to my clit. You keep rubbing my clit with your cock. I love this feeling and I can’t help but squirt. My body trembling but begging for more. You turn me over onto my hands and knees. You grasp me firmly by the hips and thrust your penis back into my vagina and continue. Faster. Faster. Pulling my hair. I scream. You slap my ass hard enough to leave a mark. I moan and bite my lip to keep from screaming again. Faster. Faster. Harder. You thrust. With all of your might. We are both in a state of pure ecstasy. The final thrust, your body tightens; I let out one finally cry as we climax together…

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